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Monday, May 23, 2011

Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs Advertising

I am finding that advertising is a little harder than I originally thought.   You really have to stick with your advertising efforts and some of those efforts have to be duplicated montly, such as website submissions.  I am fining however that I get a lot of page views consistently with Posterous and that's why I keep coming back.  Let's face it...if your advertising is not getting you traffic....then why are you using that advertising platform? 

I however do love advertising because it's the "wind beneath my wings", or beneath my business growth to be more accurate.  What I have found is that I need to always be original and have unique content, or my advertising will not work.  I want to brand myself and to be recognized as the hard internet marketer that I am.  I get off from work (I am not able to quit my job yet) and I start advertising.  I have a fatal fault and I don't mind calling it fatal.  I don't take a product through the whole advertising process completely.  I get so excited because I know I have a winning product, so I take short cuts.  Short cuts and internet marketing are not compatible.

I learned my lesson and so now I am taking my websites, through the whole advertising process.  That means that I have to do all the work for one website and not get so excited.  I am going to practice with two of my websites first and my blog. Okay, the sites I am going to work with are......drum roll...., and also, This is me just scratching the service.  I will update you when I have completed the full advertising cycle.